What happens when a mobile phone reliant 23 year old goes back to 1997?

This short ethnographic film follows a day in the life of Daisy, 23, as she tries to complete a series of tasks without the use of her mobile phone or tablet.   Simple everyday activities like banking and watching TV become a whole new experience for Daisy when she realises she can’t use her mobile phone to accomplish them with one simple click.

It’s no secret that Gen-Z are attached to their mobile device – they use it for staying connected to their friends, consuming media, learning how to master contouring, and everything in between. But do we really appreciate how integral digital really is in day to day life and are youth audiences aware of how much it has simplified everyday tasks?  Using video to illustrate the shift in behaviour is not only far more engaging and entertaining than looking at PowerPoint or a series of statistics, but the power of a human being’s own words and experiences really helps an audience connect with a situation and emphasise a point.

When we have ethnographic video footage the editing is what makes the difference between a successful film and one that is simply ‘a video diary’.  Clever editing, creative cutaways and multiple camera shots, the inclusion of animation and graphics, and a well thought out content framework, is what transforms a ‘fact’ into a ‘story’.

We invite you to watch the 10 minute film and think how you might cope…