MRMW North America – Call for Papers 2020

MRMW North America conference will take place on 30 Sept – 1 Oct, 2020 in Atlanta. With the likes of Amazon, Airbnb, Netflix, Spotify, Uber and Tesla disrupting the marketplace, traditional brands and agencies need to urgently re-evaluate their marketing, consumer insight and market research strategies.

MRMW is set to be a catalyst for strategic partnerships between client-side companies and research providers. Apart from our advisory board members who regularly review and selects papers, the 2020 edition will involve Client Partners from KAO Corporation and Procter & Gamble. They will be involved in curating, shaping and moderating the MRMW conference agenda.

Inspire us with your most innovative research, creative solutions, new methodologies and amazing success stories! We are looking for exciting client case studies, best practices and new methods that demonstrate the transformative power of digital disruption.

To be considered as our 2020 speaker, please follow these simple rules:
– Submit original and new content, based on real case studies and projects
– Focus on new methodologies and fresh thinking
– Provide a unique perspective and thought provoking approaches
– Bring your client along to co-present if you are submitting a case study
– Choose an innovative presentation format


Your Plan



CorPorate Researchers

Deadline: FEbruary 21st, 2020

Research vendors / solution providers / consultants

Deadline: FEBRUARY 21st, 2020

*Purchase of a discounted exhibition package
required if paper is accepted