Aaron Reid, Sentient Decision Science

Chief Behavioral Scientist

As an entrepreneurial consumer psychologist, Dr. Reid founded Sentient Decision Science, Inc. to bring the visionary advances from the behavioral sciences to business in a practical and accessible format. Sentient is a leading behavioral science based research and consulting firm providing best-in- class implicit research technology, applied behavioral economics and marketing science based brand consulting to optimize product, pricing and promotion development and emotionally differentiate brands through strategic positioning and communications.

Dr. Reid is an expert in how emotion influences choice and the subconscious drivers of behavior. His publications include mathematical models of consumer irrationalities in top peer-reviewed psychology journals, such as the Journal of Experimental Psychology and the Journal of Behavioral Decision Making as well as industry leading recognition from ESOMAR. His landmark publication of "Emotion as a Tradeable Quantity" was the first to quantify how emotion influences choice as a behavioral weighting mechanism.

Under Dr. Reid's direction, Sentient Decision Science has developed patent-pending, cloud based,globally scalable implicit research technology that quantifies consumer emotions and neural network associations with brands, products, packaging and advertising. This technology was recognized with the EXPLOR award in 2011 as the most impactful application of technology in market research. By quantifying these gut-feelings, and integrating with rational trade-offs in a single unifying choice algorithm, consumer behavior predictions are significantly more accurate. Since 2007, the Sentient Consumer Subconscious Research Lab, has been a pioneering R&D force in the development of advanced implicit research methods, most recently demonstrating the unique neural signature of implicit self-identification with brands. The lab houses state-of- the art eye-tracking, EEG
biometric and implicit affective priming technology.

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