Arya Eskamani, Royal Caribbean Cruises

Data Science Manager

Spanning a career of nearly 10 years, Arya Eskamani has successfully applied data science and artificial intelligence applications across multiple industries. He is currently the Principal Data Scientist for Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. and Data Science Manager for the company’s digital transformation initiatives. He is responsible for identifying and deploying solutions that leverage predictive models, natural language processing and computer vision algorithms to improve guest experiences and enhance operational efficiency across all the company’s brands. In previous roles, he has managed teams to deploy machine learning models to predict menu item demand for Burger King restaurants, developed algorithms to forecast sales and optimize pricing strategies for an international electronics manufacturer, and consulted the worlds largest bio-pharmaceutical manufacturers on technology and data science solutions. Arya holds a B.S. in Business Economics from the University of Central Florida and a Masters of Science in Economics from Florida Atlantic University.

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