Billy Fletcher, Intercontinental

Global Director of Consumer Insights

Billy and his team delve into the lifestyles & cultural tensions that guide human behavior to scale global opportunities within the hospitality world.  All his efforts go towards shaping global business strategies and execution involving guest satisfaction, hotel loyalty, digital & mobile channels, revenue management, & partnerships.  He is fascinated with human dynamics and their ripple effect to the world at large, meshing the complexities of human sensibilities and business realities.  He cut his teeth on menu development at Applebee’s, expanded his international abilities in CPG and Communication with Coca-Cola, and now leads a global insights team with IHG.  Billy is a “Double Dawg” holding MMR & BBA degrees from the University of Georgia.  His talents as a data whisperer mean he can boil down thousands of bits of information into concise digestible nuggets.  Executive Summary:  Billy has a cool job at IHG.

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