Diane Keng, Breinify

Diane Keng is the CEO and cofounder of Breinify, the leading time-driven, predictive AI engine providing actionable insights on personalized user interests and intent in real-time. Breinify has helped consumer brands increase retention and engagements over 30% and brought about 182% in ROI.

Diane’s past ventures include MyWeboo, a social media aggregator for Web2.0. She was previously employed by both Apple and Symantec.

She is a noted software innovator who frequently speaks on the intersection of AI, personal data, privacy, and the future of smarter products who has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, Yahoo!News, TechCrunch, and Inc Magazine. Diane’s downtime is spent reading outdoors, traveling around the world, and trying out new AI technologies.

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