Mike Kelly, PhD, NAXION

Mike Kelly, PhD is a Senior Group Director in NAXION’s Information Technology Practice who designs and manages major engagements for clients seeking to develop B2B and B2C business strategies based on customer insight and advanced market analytics. Noted for his skill in devising new modeling techniques and seeking innovative applications, Mike is able to integrate multiple data streams and sources of insight in support of varied business applications. The marketing problems he routinely addresses
include segmentation, market sizing, concept/offer testing, price sensitivity, brand equity measurement, and customer experience. Prior to joining the firm, Mike was on the tenured faculty of the University of Pennsylvania, where he taught and
conducted research for 14 years. A widely published author, with many peer-reviewed papers to his credit, Mike’s academic experience in cognitive psychology has been a platform for innovative work on behalf of clients, while building NAXION’s intellectual capital in advanced methodologies

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