Penny Tarrant, Blue Lime

Penny Tarrant thinks differently.
Drawing ideas from any and all sources, she continuously creates innovative ways to solve old problems. Her creative exercises take diverse audiences of all ages on immensely well-focused journeys. By delving deeply into their motivations, Penny enables consumers to express those critical insights traditional qualitative conversations are unable to reveal. And time after time she delivers a robust yet readily accessible foundation for revolutionary new products, services and business strategies. But it’s not just about the data. Translating results for clients’ myriad internal and external audiences is equally critical. Penny’s extensive experience as an agency creative and strategist means she not only understands the various stakeholders’ interests, she also speaks their language. The result of Penny’s messaging genius: research results that are equally accessible for brand, design, str
ategy, and corporate communications professionals. With nothing lost in translation, the client’s focus never strays from the core findings: the critical opportunities to fix and optimize.
Whether dealing with insights, innovation or ideation, Penny’s infectious energy, her irresistible and invigorating style coupled with her razor-sharp creative mind, cuts through the noise. Ideas have the very best opportunities to thrive in her hands–the death knell is reserved for only the most deserving of cases. The result: concepts can snowball into breakthroughs, which are delivered in formats without equal, accessible to all stakeholders.
Penny’s outstanding guidance has helped clients as diverse as American Express, Heineken and Gerber. While it may be the most literal, her “Athletes Welcome” for the Sydney Olympics in 2000 is far from the only successful roadmap Penny’s written!

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