Tatiana Vivienne Jouanneau, Duracell

Chief Marketing Officer
Tatiana Vivienne Jouanneau, Chief Marketing Officer Duracell International with 20 years of experience as a truly global marketer. Tatiana Vivienne has managed multiple categories in Procter & Gamble – Feminine Care, Baby Care, Personal Health Care, Beauty, Food and Beverages across continents. She led Duracell brand carve out to Berkshire Hathaway and stood up a billion dollar brand for growth. A multi-linguist with an international upbringing, she has worked across the most diverse countries in the world, currently holding the responsibility for more than 80 markets. She places great importance on evolving a global marketing model without losing the vital expertise and cultural nuances and is passionate of optimizing the relationship between cost-effectiveness of a Global model and the flexibility of ultra-tailored nature of local.

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