Vivek Shivpuri, Prelytics

Mr. Shivpuri is a co-founder Prelytics LLC, a consumer and market research platform that uses crowdsourcing to provide realtime insights for leading brands and corporates. As an executive, he has successfully identified, raised capital and built high-performance technology and business services firms with a track record of demonstrated returns for investors. He is a proven leader that possesses a unique combination of entrepreneurial, operational and investment experience.
Mr. Shivpuri has previously served on the boards of StoneWater Mortgage (a US based Mortgage lender), eCloser (Title insurance software as a service company), WNS N.A. (North America subsidiary of NYSE:WNS) and Trinity Partners (a business services and information technology outsourcing company). He holds a Master of Science in Applied Mathematical Sciences and a double Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and computer science from the University of Georgia at Athens.

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