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Conference Agenda | Day ONE | July 18th


Main Conference Day 1 – 18th July  

Breakout Track

– Morning Workshops

08:00 Registration and Welcome Coffee
08:45 Opening Remarks by Merlien Institute & Conference Chair

(tbc: Bill Tanner)

08:45 Opening Remarks by Merlien Institute & Conference Chair

Chair: Imran Anwar, Entrepreneur & Investor

09:00 To know thyself – Big data, personal data and the end of privacy as we know it

  • Why personal data collection could be a big mistake
  • What does this mean for the research community
  • How can you use big data in an ethical way that is good for companies and their customers

Jason Thomas, Chief Innovation Officer, Thomson Reuters


09:00  Holistic brand innovation

Most companies look at innovation as something that is done for a specific product or service. But what if you need to innovate across an entire brand?

As an iconic brand, Roy Rogers® is well-beloved among consumers who grew up with their food. Yet the brand has not evaluated their proposition in years, and thus was ready to tell an enriched story to both loyal guests and consumers who are unfamiliar with the brand. Roy Rogers® needed to innovate against their entire proposition, menu portfolio, service offering, atmosphere, pricing strategy, and more.  Join us in our journey to innovate the entire Roy Rogers® brand.

Eliot Roth, President, Consumer Insights

Carrie Isabell, Director of Marketing, Roy Rogers Restaurants

09:30 Panel Discussion

Show me the money – where are MR investments going?

  • Client demand: in which areas are client demands driving growth
  • M&A: strategic acquisitions and portfolio management
  • New horizons: what new sectors and developments are challenging the status quo

Moderator: Dan Foreman, Non Executive Director, Borderless Access & Operating Advisor, Hatted


Heath Greenfield, Senior Vice President, Millward Brown

Philipp von Holtzendorff-Fehling, CEO, Mama Gaia, Advisory Board Member, Arcade City

Linda Du, Director, Portfolio Strategy & New Product


Tbc: Lisa Yu, VP, Ipsos SMX

10:00 From wearables to in-home appliances

  • Enhancement of traditional methods as the Internet of Things expands
  • Passive data collective pros and cons
  • The role of Smart Devices

Marc Yount, Chief Operating Officer, Field Agent

10:30 Networking Break
11:00 TBA

Ross McLean, Co-Founder, Over the Shoulder


11:00 Innovation Killing 101 – How & why you are an innovation killer (and what to do about it!)

  • Experience some important Cognitive Biases that frequently get in the way of innovative thinking – for you, for your colleagues, for your organizations.
  • Learn specific tools and techniques for fighting back against these creative thinking inhibitors, so that your innovation initiatives will be much more efficient and effective.
  • Practice these tools so you can use them on your own challenges when you return to the office.
  • Have some fun!

Susan Robertson, Instructor, Harvard University, Founder, Susan Robertson Consulting

11:30 Innovation radar- Translating insights into new product development

Mikel Cirkus, Global Director, Conceptual Design Group, Firmenich

12:00 TBA

Sentient Decision Science

12:20 Video Research Will Drive Emergence of Mass Qual

Can quantitative research simultaneously identify new insights and confirm market opinions? And can video play a role in quant research? The answer is finally “yes!” Through the creative use of video open ends, we will show that quantitative research can uncover deep insights while also providing the market underpinnings that we rely on. This presentation will illustrate a way to use Max Diff techniques to identify respondents with unique and important opinions about the study subject. Based upon the Max Diff scores, we will demonstrate how to dynamically serve video open ended questions.  

Key takeaways:

  • Short video research clips can deliver deep insights
  • Learn how to treat video input like other data sources
  • Find the perfect intersection of quant and qual through MaxDiff techniques paired with video research

Frank Kelly, SVP Global Marketing, Lightspeed GMI

Sherri Stevens, Vice President, Global Innovations, Millward Brown

12:40 Networking Lunch
Decision making & Customer Journey Track: Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
01:30 Up all night: Heineken gets inside nightlife

  • Combining a series of qualitative methods such as real-time insights, forced product user, undercover friends and co-creation workshops to find out (perhaps too much) about your target audience
  • Using these findings to drive brand image and occasions

Joanne McDonough, Senior Director, Strategy and Insights, Heineken USA

Penny Tarrant, Co-Founder, Senior Insight Director, Blue Lime

01:30 Measuring what matters in social media

  • Understanding the core building blocks of social media measurement
  • How to measure audience quality and advocacy
  • Adopting (and keeping) a data driven approach to best practices

Tania Yuki, Founder and CEO, Shareablee

Devon Rosenberry, Senior Social Media Account Manager, PMG

02:00 In-the-moment mobile – measuring the impact of different touch points on purchase decisions

  • Understand how experiences affect consumers at different stages in their paths to purchase (e.g: from awareness, to selection, to purchase decisions, etc.)
  • Identify and compare the level of influence of different touch points
  • Use in-the-moment geo-location surveys to measure what influenced purchase decisions

Saran Ganesh, Director, Product Marketing, SSI

Jennifer Friedman Perez, Senior Director, Marketing Intelligence, Allure

2:00 Using mobile phones for passive measurement of media near and on consumer’s devices

  • Understanding passive content recognition and audio matching
  • Eliminating the need for physical connections and infrastructure
  • Addressing privacy and security concerns

Omri Halevi, CEO, Mobile Research Labs

02:20 Augmenting tracking studies with location based insights

  • What lead to the use of geo-fencing in tracking studies
  • Specific examples of approach and data collected based on a client case study
  • How has this data augmented tracking data in ways other approaches couldn’t
  • Legal do’s & dont’s and other challenges

Brett Simpson, Group Vice President Business Transformation, Millward Brown

02:20 Cognitive IoT: Utilizing structured & unstructured data to turn one-to-one dialogs with customers into a valuable competitive advantage

Richard Scully, Partner, IBM Global

02:40 Using mobile to understand and transform customer experiences

  • Identifying the ways mobile can make research more fun and engaging for participants
  • Creating a viable platform to recognise needs among the customers in a structured manner
  • How can we leverage these insights to transform customer experience with the brand?

Ben Babcock, Director of Research, Jet.com

02:40 Cutting Big Data down to size – making sense of millions of New York City taxi rides

Applying principles of statistical sampling to Big Data

– Using sample stratification and weighting adjustments to provide reliable views of low incidence patterns in Big Data while not distorting the overall picture

– Avoiding processing bottlenecks by merging information from other data sources (weather, locations) into a sample rather than into the entire dataset

– Developing accurate predictive models without advanced hardware or software through an ensemble approach that averages across many small models

Elaine Zanutto, Vice President, Naxion

Michael Kelly, Senior Group Director, Naxion

03:10 Networking Break
03:40 Always on- building and sustaining loyalty in the mobile world

  • Utilising mobile (from apps to new tech) to advance engagement and enhance insight
  • Merging behavioural data, and payment information
  • Exploring new innovations and how VR can provide unparalleled insight

Ben Kaplan, Senior Director, Mobile Strategy, American Cancer Society

04:20 Proof points that mobile & big data can save market research

•       Where is market research failing consumers & clients?

•       Three case studies that demonstrate how this can be addressed through:

1.       Cost, Time & Panel Disruptive Mobile Device Research

2.       Longitudinal in-the-moment Research

3.       Deriving Real-Time Insights without Fieldwork

•       Triple ‘A’ the key to saving Market Research: Affordable, Accessible, Actionable

Ryan Versfeld, Research Director, MDI

04:40 Using mobile-powered, omnichannel data to predict the shopper journey

  • What new metrics can be captured through crowdsourced consumer data
  • How are these metrics impacting predictive modeling for brands
  • Discover how the Moments-of-Truth, and the way we measure them, have evolved

Shantanu Mulay, Analytics Insights Director, PepsiCo

Prabhath Nanisetty, Vice President, Insights Product Development, InfoScout

05:00 Networking Reception sponsored by Research Now


Conference Agenda | Day ONE | July 19th


Main Conference Day 2 – 19th July MMRA Workshops

Chaired by Mark Michelson, MMRA

08:00 Registration and Welcome Coffee

08:45 Opening Remarks by Merlien and Conference Chair

08:00 Registration and Welcome Coffee

08:45 Opening Remarks by Mark Michelson, Chairman, MMRA

09:00 The art of Disruption – What Pinterest is teaching us

  • Explore how media replacement strategies will affect media buying and content strategies
  • Understand how the concept of discovery and product search is changing
  • Creating connections between the digital and physical: inspire online, acquire offline

Edwin Wong, Head of Partner Insights, Pinterest

9:00 Workshop


09:30 Mobile video consumption on SVOD – Capturing the missing pieces in the digital video measurement ecosystem

  • Examining the technical possibilities – and obstacles to measure streaming video consumption
  • Passively tracking viewers and linking usage data to profiling data
  • What are the legal implications of the different solutions – and how do deal with them

Jimmy Blackburn, Vice President, TV and Multi-Platform Analytics Research and Strategy, The Walt Disney Company

Becky Wu, Senior Executive Vice President, Luth Research

10:00 Ok, you’re collecting video in your mobile surveys. What now?

  • Video use in mobile survey is growing, however it is not without its problems.  We’ll discuss how not to include video in mobile surveys and how to get it right. 
  • How to get the best video responses with minimal drop out
  • Once you’ve collected the video how to manage it and prevent it being wasted.

Sam Paice, Client Director, Big Sofa

Dr. Simon Lidington, CEO, Big Sofa

10:30 Networking Break
11:00 The future of mobile video research

  • How emerging technologies will impact methodologies, analyses and work flow for mobile video research
  • Camera technology, handset advancements, facial recognition & A.I. in the entire process
  • How the CI professional can carve out a unique, value-add role in mobile video research that complements the emerging A.I. in the category

Tom Bassett, Founder, mindswarms

11:00  Research in the Mobile World

From In-Store Research to Diary Studies, Mobile technology allows researchers to capture insights at the Shopper’s Moment of Truth, along the Path to Purchase, in ways that were not possible in the past.  We will discuss:

– Mobile Research Methodologies

– Data Quality

– Path to Purchase Case Studies

– Location-Specific Research

Marc Yount, Chief Operating Officer,  Field Agent

11:20 The curious case of device form factor – Disparity in web accessing habits of consumers on PC & Mobile and its effect on Market Research

    • Uncovering the finer differences in web browsing habits of consumers on different devices
    • Incorporating web browsing habits into research study design 
  • Understanding associated biases and adapting fieldwork & sampling accordingly

Alan Heaton, Market Research Excellence Practice Lead,  Microsoft
Jason Tiffer, Vice President Sales (Americas), Borderless Access

Prasanth Reddy, Vice President – Operations & Technology, Borderless Access

11:40 A company is more than its product- Exploring the role of brand, customer-orientation, and good old methodology

In this session, Lauren DeRaleau, Director of Consumer Insights at Groupon, will touch on her experience with product-centric bias both in e/mobile-commerce and in the world of market research itself.

  • What role do the tenets of business & market research play in our emerging world of technology?
  • How Groupon’s Consumer Insights team has helped light the path for the company’s future in mobile commerce
  • Why Lauren rarely ends-up hiring the technology-oriented market research startups 

Lauren De Raleau, ‎Senior Market Research Manager, Groupon  

12:00 Making mobile possible: Automating split questionnaire design for mobile survey research

  • Modularizing surveys in an automated fashion, with the bulk of participants receiving only a specific module, a subset of the overall survey
  • Ensuring three fundamental elements of research are held to high standards: participant experience, efficiency in fielding, and data quality
  • Highlighting key metrics such as efficiency in field, completion/abandon rates, data quality measures, participant experience, and variations in results

Roddy Knowles, Director Mobile Research, Research Now

Harvir Bansal, Chief Research Officer, B3 Intelligence

12:20 Networking Lunch
01:20 Using mobile ethnography to create holistic and authentic mind maps

  • Analyzing how upstream research position with different tool sets can better serve strategic planning, rather than tactical validation
  • Defining the tool box:  specific tools for specific situations
  • Exploring how mobile ethno gets authentic and holistic visual maps to identify what to do today, tomorrow, & in the future
  • Presentation of detailed findings about mindsets, needs, content usage, digital/analog interactions, etc.
  • Today, Tomorrow, & Future implications that would not have been found in a single effort otherwise

William Fletcher, Director of Research, Intercontinental Hotels

01:20 Smartphone Qualitative-how to go from beginner to master practitioner overnight

  • A project design that’s a perfect “easy way in” to smartphone ethnography for any qualitative practitioner
  • How to do iHuts, path to purchase studies, journaling, and mobile ethnography like a pro
  • The secret to getting more input, and better input in your smartphone-based qual studies.

Ross McLean, Co-Founder, Over the Shoulder

01:50 Beyond liking – Methodologies for better understanding product experience through neuroscience

  • Applying consumer neuroscience or “neuromarketing” to assess consumer perception beyond what can be understood via traditional market research
  • Differentiating the intensity of similarly liked stimuli by combining traditional with psycho-physiological measures
  • Developing a sensitive and efficient way to differentiate changes to product attributes

Dr. Justin Keene, Professor, HCD &Texas Tech University

02:10 Innovation Elevator

Fast paced and fun. Hear from some of the most innovative start-ups ready to revolutionize market research.

Moderator: Imran Anwar, Entrepreneur & Investor


Brian Truong, CEO, HelloToken

Realizing the Value of Offline Transaction Data

Jason Lobel, CEO, SwiftIQ

No more metrics, please! – Exploring the impact of in-store testing in the context of offline retail

Alfonso Perez, Co-Founder & COO, Shopperception

Dave Mathews, Founder, NewAer

02:50 Networking Break
03:20 MRMW Awards Presentation

– Agency of the Year                  – Best New Technology

– Best Mobile Qualitative          – Best Use of Technology

– Best Client/Supplier Collaboration

– Researcher of the Year

03:50  The mobile mindset – Rethinking existing processes and means of engaging customers and employees

  • Exploring market trends – how mobile is fueling growth and changing consumer behavior
  • Embracing mobility as a critical component of your customer engagement and corporate success
  • Personalization and the art of turning customers into advocates

Cliff Barrett Senior Product Manager, Mobile and Emerging Technology, CNN

04:20 Using research to create compelling digital content that engages consumers

  • Providing clear direction to marketers on how to make the ad experience more enjoyable for consumers
  • Showing how consumer enjoyment can also benefit marketers and impact brand metrics (awareness, perception, purchase consideration)
  • Details on our three-step research approach combining qual and quant methods for the most comprehensive consumer feedback

Cortney Henseler, Director Consumer Analytics & Research, AOL

Samuel Kim, Senior Manager, Consumer Analytics & Research, AOL

04:50 Closing by Conference Chair & Farewell