Lana Novikova, Heartbeat AI Technologies

Founder & CEO

Lana Novikova, a marketer by training and a market researcher by trade, was never satisfied with mere numbers, always pushing to understand the “deep why”​ behind consumer (and her own) decisions, and to connect the dots between cognitive sciences, consumer research and marketing. This curiosity put her on a quest to understand how human brain works. In the last 17 years, she acquired a unique combination of expertise in MR product development, consumer insight, advanced quantitative methodologies, predictive analytics, database marketing, cognitive psychology, psychotherapy, and affective neuroscience.

In 2015, Lana started Heartbeat AI to teach machines Emotional Intelligence (EQ), in hope that one day machines can help people build their EQ. Today, Heartbeat has an award-winning SaaS that helps marketers and market researchers around the world understand consumer emotions by analyzing open-ended survey responses.

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