Sponsors and Supporters

If you are interested in sponsoring MRMW please contact Jens Cornelissen by Email or phone (+49 157 5833 909)

But wait, there is more – MRMW is the only conference series that offers your brand new features to increase engagement before and during the event:

Booth Action: Get the maximum attention for your live demo, lucky draw, fireside chat or competition with our dedicated, pre-scheduled *booth action* times. Each sponsor receives a minimum of one allocated booth action slot that will be featured in the conference agenda and also announced on the main stage. So get creative and ensure you stand out!

Dedicated Event App: Our dedicated event app allows you to view the participant list ahead of each conference and contact individual delegates. The private messaging function enables you to arrange on-site meetings, exchange business cards and much more. Networking starts now!

Client Need Matching: Clients visiting MRMW are often looking for very specific solutions. We will identify these needs before each conference and *match* clients with participating sponsors. As sponsor, you will be asked to highlight your key competencies when you sign up for MRMW. This will also help us to recommend clients who we think are particularly interested in your service. All this will be made easy through our dedicated MRMW App that allows you to reach out to participants before each event.